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Encore edition

Phnom Penh

Past Events(2023)

2023/12/18 We made a courtsy call on Prime Minister Hun Manet

H.E.Mr.Hun Manet ,Prime minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia  visited Japan and stayed in Tokyo . Mr.Kojima ,CEO of Kojima Holdings and other members visited the site to express our respect.

We discussed our efforts from past to presnt and future activities concerning Cambodia.

In that afternoon, we welcomed H.E.Heng Sour,Minister of Labour and Vocational Training of Cambodia.

Mr. Heng signed the guest notebook at the CPCC.

Minister Heng gave us so many T-shirts designed Cambodian Angkor-Wat as big presents!!

2023/9/29/30 Cambodia cuisine Event


Reception for Young Managers in Japan &Cambodia.


Hong Chen Persident of the Cambodian Young Entrepreneres Association and other members came to Atsugi City and Held a business gathering with young business owners from Kanagawa Prefecture.


Cambodia Charity BBQ Evening organaized by the Cambodian Community in Japan.

Kojima Holdings and CPCC supported the Charity Evening Party.


H.E.Ambassador the Royal Embassy of Cambodia, other members and Young Bisiness Association members also joined the Party!!

It was honorable!

2023/7/23 Cambodia cuisine Event

7-23 料理集合写真

Commemoratives photo with all participants at the CPCC.

7・23料理 雷魚 カンナさん浅見さん

Ms.Kanna Hagiwara(left)is the teacher of today's Cuisine event.

Ms.Maki Asami(raight)is the director of the event.

7・23 料理セミナ 食事風景像

Meal situation at the Promity Cafe that is next to the CPCC.


Many dishes!!

2023/5/3・4 Cambodia Festival 2023

Japanese and Cambodian singers performed on stage.

Cambodia Private Commercial Center also exhibited!

Performance by Atsugi Omotenashi Band.

The venue was lively until the evening.

2023/4/9 Keyaki Hall Khmer New Year Party

The guests are all listening to the chanting of monks.

Commemorative photo with Cambodian Ambassador Tuy Ry.

Somen is an indispensable part of Khmer cuisine!

Seafood and meat dishes too!

2023/1/23 "Japan-Cambodia Friendship 70th Anniversary Reception" hosted by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Cambodia in Japan

Commemorative photo with Dr. Prak Sokhon, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The dishes were delicious!

Lots of tropical fruits too!

A tote bag with the logo of the 70th anniversary of Japan-Cambodia friendship.

2023/1/17 "Opening Ceremony Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of Japan-Cambodia Friendship" co-sponsored by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Cambodia in Japan

Commemorative photo with the embassy staff.

The organizers, persons concerned, and the dancers of Apsara Dance.

Apsara dance performance on stage.

Commemorative photo with members of the Japan-Cambodia Association.

Past Events(2022)

2022/11/19 "Cambodian food Simple cooking class" sponsored by the Cambodian Commercial Center


Commemorative photo with instructors Ms. Asami, Ms. Suwai and Ms. Kosugi, director of the center.


The participants made amok, a Cambodian hospitality fish dish, and a banana and tapioca dessert.


The venue was Atsugi Gas Nakamachi Showroom Kitchen Studio! It's spacious and beautiful.


Commemorative photo with all participants.

2022/10/21 "Cambodia Business Seminar" sponsored by Cambodia Commercial Center

Over 60 people participated!

Director Tanaka of the Japan-Cambodia Association participated as a lecturer.

Commemorative photo with embassy official.

After the seminar, Ambassador Tuy Ry participated in a social gathering.

2022/8/20・21 Participated in Miyagase Festival 

Cambodia Commercial Center also exhibited!

Cambodian singers performed in yukata.

Of course, even in Cambodian traditional clothes ♪

It is a beautiful fireworks of the finale.

2022/6/19 "Cambodia Festival" sponsored by Cambodia Commercial Center

Commemorative photo with embassy officials.

KURATA PEPPER also exhibited at the booth.

The Cambodian Association in Japan sold handmade Khmer food.

About 300 customers visited us.

2022/6/18 "Cambodia Night" sponsored by Cambodia Commercial Center

Ambassador Tuy Ry enjoyed the meal in a relaxed mood.

Women related to the Cambodian Embassy. Everyone dressed up beautifully.

There were about 300 general customers.

Everyone was chatting with a lot of smiles.

2022/6/18 Cambodia Private Commercial Center Opening Ceremony

Speech by Tuy Ry, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Cambodia to Japan.

These are the flowers we received to commemorate the opening.

Japanese celebration ritual(Kagami-biraki)

Traditional Cambodian Apsara dance.



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